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A Beginner's Guide to Albion Online 4

4. Territories, Player cities And Castles

# An introduction to Guild Vs Guild Mechanics

Guild Warfare
There are two ways by which to initiate Guild Warfare. One, via entering the world map (Hotkey: M) and selecting a territory next to one of yours, or by going to a territory monolith and then selecting "attack".

Territory stats 
There are two stats for territorial warfare: Defender Bonus and Defender Points 

Defender Bonus: A stat change applied to the defenders of the territory, it goes up to +40% and down to -40%. This is modified by a guild's level of aggression over territory. Whenever you launch an attack from one territory your defender bonus will be lowered, meaning that a very aggressive guild which instigates many attacks on territories will have a much lower defender bonus than a relatively passive guild. Defender Points: A regenerating stat modified by Conquer battles lost (see below for an explanation of Conquering). A soon as a territory is claimed, the number of defender points attributed to that territory begins to increase gradually up to a maximum of 3. If the guild loses a Conquer attempt on the territory, the Defender Point total will drop by 1. Once the Defender Point total drops to 0, the guild must surrender the territory and hand it over to the triumphant enemy guild. If the guild manages to defend its territory from a Conquer attempt for long enough, the Defender Point they lost will regenerate. This gives a guild under attack three chances to defend their territory claim before it is usurped. Defender points facts:
- They are a representation of the ownership of your territory
- They regenerate by 1 point every 48 hours
- They are capped at 3 points
- If you lose a incoming 'conquer' attack, you lose a defender point

Attack methods
There are two modes of attack, with differing potential rewards: Raid and Conquer 

Raid: Lowers target territory's Defender Bonus by 20, and raids 15,000 Silver from the enemy guild's guild vault - ideal for softening up a enemy before trying to conquer the territory. 

Conquer: Lowers target territory's Defender Points by one point and lowers the target territory's Defender Bonus by 10, if defender points reaches zero then ownership of that territory is transferred to you.

# Territories & Territorial Warfare
Territories are areas of land owned by guilds. They provide a safe area inside an otherwise dangerous PvP-enabled area where guilds can build up their own buildings and shelters. Territories are fought over in Territorial Warfare, 

Territorial Warfare
A player city with an incoming raid or conquer attempt active. 

Territorial warfare facts: 
- Territories have a maximum defender bonus of 40%, providing buffs for players during an attack. Attacking from a territory will cause the bonus to decrease quickly; being attacked will cause it to decrease slowly; and it will slowly regenerate over time.
- Territory fights are set to 5v5 players from either guild.
- During a territory fights only 10 participants are a part of the fight.
- During a battle, both teams begin with 100 points. Fights are ended at 31 minutes or if either team reaches 0 points.

# Player Cities & Player City Warfare

Player Cities
The region map of a player city. 

A player city is a new type of territory which follows its own ruleset. Just like normal territories, they are owned and run by guilds. However, they are not a protected area only the owning guild can enter, but rather a free area for anyone to enter, rent plots for housing, and use buildings. 

Player City facts
- Player cities feature 164 estates. Players who own one of these estates pay tax to the owning guild through the upkeep price of that estate.
- Player cities are mostly located around PvP-enabled regions, however they do not feature open world PVP, and serve as a safe bubble for people wanting to live in safety out in the wild.
- Player City fights are 20v20
- Compared to other safe areas, player cities allow higher tier buildings (up to tier 6)
- Estates in cities vary in size from very large, able to accommodate a couple of houses, to very small, accommodating just one.

Player City Warfare
A player city with an incoming raid or conquer attempt. 

Player city warfare facts: 
- Player cities have a maximum defender bonus of 0%, instead of the 40% that normal territories have
- Player cities are, like territories, inaccessible during guild fights to anyone not a part of either the attacker or defender team
- Both teams have 400 points instead of the standard 100 points, and fights are able to last up to 45 minutes

# Castles
 Castles are clearly visible on the world map.
Before getting into a castle, you need to destroy one of its gates using 'Destruction Hammers'  

Castles have been overhauled since the last test. They now serve the purpose of allowing guilds with no territory in a region to siege territories from the castle. 

Castle facts:
- Castles exist in some of the full PvP-enabled regions
- Castles are protected by NPC guards. These guards are loyal to the owners of the castle and will help the current owners protect it.
- Castle fights are completely open - there's no limit on how many players can attack or defend them... So prepare for the worst.
- Castles have a monolith just like a territory would, and to claim it an attacking guild must first defeat the Castle Lord
- Castle attacks has 4 phases in total (detailed below)
- When a castle is attacked, warning messages are sent out to the owner of the castle as well to all of the players in that region.
- It should take 30-60 minutes to successfully capture a castle.
- If you lose the castle any scheduled fights from the castle are cancelled, so make sure you capture the castle in good time for a territory fight or you might have to defend it.

Castle attacks

Phase 1 
Player attacks the castle gate (As seen on the picture above). A message is sent out to the owners informing them they are under attack 

Phase 2 
The gate is now destroyed and the players enter the castle to kill off the standard NPC guards. 

Phase 3 
After the standard guards are all dead, the elite guards will spawn in 15 minutes. 

Phase 4 
Now that the elite guards are dead, the castle lord will spawn after 15 minutes. This is the final step in the castle capture process. The guild of the player who strikes the final blow on the castle lord will gain the ownership of the castle. 

Important notes:
- Castle attacks are difficult. The guards at first will be quite easy but after that the elite guards and the castle lord will be a challenge. Make sure to bring enough people (Recommended 10-15) and to equip yourself accordingly (Tier 4+ recommended)
- You will need destruction hammers to get through the castle.
- Some castles have several entrances. The owners of the castle are able to use the doors. Keep an eye out for intruders.
- Lengthy fights could cause some items to break, so it's wise to pack some extra gear just in case.


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