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A Beginner's Guide to Albion Online 3

# Building, Housing & Furniture Guide

- Buildings
The building menu can easily be accessed by pressing the hotkey "B"

Buildings are split into three categories, Economy, Military and Player House

Under the Economy tab you will find all economy related buildings. This includes the refinement buildings, the repair & salvage station, the toolmaker and the transmutator.

Under the Military tab you will find all the buildings focused on crafting war gear. This includes the warrior's forge, hunter's lodge and the m[b]age's tower[/b]

Player House:
Under the Player House tab you will find all the housing related buildings. This includes the p[b]layer houses[/b] and the guild halls
 Holding down the info button shows the construction cost of the building
 If you are able to build the building on this location it will be shown as green. If not it will turn red, with a warning message informing you that the ground is unsuitable for construction
During building construction you need to provide all the required resources and the required silver.

Once all the resources have been put into the building, the construction is finished and the building will appear.

- Housing
 In front of all houses there is a sign post. If you click on this, you will access the house management menu
The house management menu

Residency System
The residency system is also a new feature to the housing system. When you open up the house management menu you will see in the house infobox a button called either "Make Home" or "Leave Home" this allows you to set your home location, which will be a respawn point for you when you die,

Residency is also limited, meaning there can only be a certain amount of people who are residents in each house. However, you can increase the residency slots by placing wardrobes in the house.

Guild halls are an excellent choice for guilds who plan to live together, as they offer a lot more resident slots (as well as furniture slots), allowing larger guilds to live out of a guild hall.

Furniture can put into two different categories, i[b]ndoor furniture[/b] and outdoor furniture. 
 Houses are built empty, and it's up to you to furnish them with the furniture you want.
 The furniture item's menu, which appears if you click on it
 Furniture placement mode
Furniture interaction menu. Furniture buffs last a long time, but can take a long time to refresh 

Furniture - Purpose
Chest - Storage
Battlevault - Storage for GvG fights
Wardrobe - Increases residency slots in a house
Mob trophies1, Bed and Table - Buff furniture
Flag/Banner - Displays your guild symbol (Vanity)

1. Mob trophies can be anything from a special drop from a boss to a boar's head. 

Each house has a limit on the amount of furniture placed in it. You are also unable to place a furniture item whose tier is higher that that of the house, so a tier 4 house can only support up to tier 4 furniture.

# Finding a guild
When you are not in a guild, this is how the guild menu will appear (Hotkey 'G') 
 The filters allow you to only show guilds that fit your need
The guilds are able to add their own guild description, which will come in handy for players choosing between guilds

# Destiny Board & Mastery Levels

- Destiny Board

The destiny board can be divided into three categories, Combat, Crafting and Gathering.

Combat skills are progressed by killing foes. You unlock equipment of a higher tier by gaining kills with that same equipment of the tier below.

Crafting skills are progressed by crafting

Gathering skills are progressed by gathering. Unlocking these skills will allow you to use better gathering tools, thus enabling you to gather higher tier resources.

- Mastery Levels
Working on unlocking the Novice Craftsman skill

Mastery levels are a new addition to Albion Online. They allow you to specialize in a specific skill and in turn hone that skill. For example, gaining a significant amount of kills with a tier 4 sword will grant you bonuses when using a tier 4 sword.

Combat equipment unlocks
Mastery Level ——— Unlocks
Mastery level 1 ——— Equipment item unlock
Mastery level 2 ——— +5% main stat* with that item
Mastery level 3 ——— +5% main stat* with that item
Mastery level 4 ——— +5% main stat* with that item
Mastery level 5 ——— +5% main stat* with that item
*Main stat depends on the type of equipment; an armor piece will give more health and a weapon will give a boost to damage 

Harvesting equipment unlocks
Mastery Level ——— Unlocks
Mastery level 1 ——— Equipment item unlock
Mastery level 2 ——— +2.5% Gathering yield
Mastery level 3 ——— +2.5% Gathering yield
Mastery level 4 ——— +2.5% Gathering yield
Mastery level 5 ——— +2.5% Gathering yield

Crafting equipment unlocks 
Mastery Level ——— Unlocks
Mastery level 1 ——— Item recipe unlock
Mastery level 2 ——— Higher chance to craft a higher quality version of the item
Mastery level 3 ——— Higher chance to craft a higher quality version of the item
Mastery level 4 ——— Higher chance to craft a higher quality version of the item
Mastery level 5 ——— Higher chance to craft a higher quality version of the item
It's important to note that some skills do not have mastery levels, such as the resource refinement skills and those to do with overall fame progression. 

# Mounts
Mounts currently come in three different kinds: Normal Horse, Armored Horse and Oxen 

Mounts are expensive, but a good investment. Horses can greatly reduce your travel time in the world of Albion, and oxen can be a great way to move around large quantities of items. 


The only way to get a mount is in a stable. Stables are only found in cities (both player and non-player cities) and cannot be built by players. 

Mount health
Mounts have their own health, however it's important to note that a mount's health and its durability are two separate measures.

When the mount's health reaches zero, you will be instantly forced into dismount mode, though the mount will not receive durability loss, and you will be able to spawn your mount again afterwards. 

The durability for mounts functions the same as with any other item in the game - once it reaches zero, the item gets destroyed or in this case, the mount dies. 

# Death & Resurrection

To resurrect a dying player, first select the resurrect spell and then click on the dying body. 

The ability to resurrect players is a new feature for Albion Online. The Staff of Restoration now offers the option to select a Resurrection spell which allows the player to resurrect dying players. Players who are dying will be lying on the ground with their gear still visible on their body (as seen in image) 

A dying player will stay on the ground for up to 10 minutes as long as he or she does not trigger a respawn by selecting a location on the respawn screen. Dying players are still lootable, and any removal of their equipment will be visually represented on the character. 

When you die in Albion Online all your items drop on the ground. In PvP areas any player is able to loot items immediately, while in safe areas there is a 10 minute grace period during which only you are able to pick them up. Thus, if you do die in a safe area, you are able to quickly run back and pick up your stuff again (perhaps most reliably by selecting the respawn location "This Area")

# The Mail System

To be continued...

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