Tuesday, 5 July 2016

About Albion Gunpowder Weapon Line

I think that's a cool idea. Black powder guns would be a high damage, slow rate of fire burst weapons! Capable of hitting hard with high up front damage however a slow auto attack/reload animation with high ability cooldowns keep it balanced. Of course these will be no modern assault rifles, just plain old crude flintlocks. If the heretics have the technology surely the royalist could too! Maybe you also need some Albion Gold can find on our site. Let's take a look at the following:

# Single Flintlock Pistol X.1


Heavy shot - A larger and denser calibre of round that gets embedded in the target, dealing damage and slowing them. Can stack.

Quick Draw - A single pistol is meant for dueling! Sharp on the draw, you attack speed for a short period.

Focus Fire - A well aimed shot intended to hit weak spots in opponents defense. Damage is increased for each stack of Heavy shot.

# Dual Pistols X.2


Heavy Shot (Same as above) or Piercing Round - A sharp projectile aimed at penetrating armour. Lowers defensive stats. Stacks.

Quick Draw (Same as above) or Gunslinger - Auto attacks deal increased damage stacking up over a short period of time.

Focus Fire (Same as above) or Suppressing Fire - Root target for a short amount of time at auto attack range. Dealing damage during a channel. Damage increased by stacks of Heavy Shot and Piercing Rounds.

Passive - Autos deal 10% more damage or 20% chance to cause bleed on target.

# Musket X.3


Heavy Shot/Piercing Shot

Gunslinger or Bayonet Charge - Charge forward with bayonet attached rooting target. Increased by Heavy Shot/Piercing Round Stacks.

Load Shrapnel - Deal damage in a cone. Increased damage the closer the target is to player.

Passive - Same as Dual Pistols - (Possibly another passive that gives 10% cooldown

With the addition of the new Heretic dungeons in recent patches and their introduction of gunpowder e.g mortars and cannoneers perhaps we as players could get in on the action! Do you want to join us? Click UPAlbion!

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