Thursday, 2 June 2016

Albion Online - Overview of Hiring and Employing Labor

There are certain tedious tasks that are just better left up to automation sometimes. Sure, you need a steady flow of incoming wood and metal in Albion Online, but you don’t have the time to constantly harvest it yourself and play the game. That’s what the game’s laborers are for: taking care of menial tasks that keep basic materials or resources flowing while you devote your time to more elaborate goals.

Laborers can be hired for a reasonable initial cost, at which point the player can walk through a set of actions and request the laborer to follow the same basic pattern. The resultant haul will be less than what players could gather in the same amount of time, but it’ll mean that you can focus on more involved tasks than just gathering, crafting, or farming for money. Be aware, however, that laborers will require compensation for their work, adequate facilities, and a certain amount of space to themselves. Check out the video below for an overview of hiring and employing labor.

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