Sunday, 17 April 2016

In Development Morgana’s Faction Rework

A few days ago we released some official news, so let's take a look.

They're taking a first glance at the upcoming rework of the Morgana faction!

'The Morgana rework will be split up in several phases. Unlike the other factions, this one will not receive new dungeons and bosses straight away. This is due to most of our resources currently focusing on the creation of the New World. Once that is out, we will be able to further rework the Morgana faction. Today we unveil the first phase, consisting of a mob re-balance and new spells!

The revamp consists of two different balance changes. First of all, solo-play monsters outside dungeons will be made easier to deal with. Changing the difficulty of these monsters will prevent PvE mechanics from totally disrupting a player’s PvP experience – you will stand a better chance if somebody decides to lure additional mobs into your fight.

Secondly, Morgana’s followers – in stark contrast to the regular monsters – will start posing a serious threat, especially those lurking in the dungeons. Thanks to the new death mechanic, the difficulty of PvE group-play can be raised significantly. The goal is to make parties think carefully about their composition and strategy, otherwise they will face certain death. Make a mistake, no matter how small, and you will be punished for it. In short, fights will be more engaging, active and reactive.

To make sure they pose a challenge, most of Morgana’s army will get brand new spells. We can’t show you everything in full detail just yet, but here is a sneak peek:
Morgana’s Footman has a new life motto: spin to win! If you don’t have a hard interrupt at hand to deal with his whirlwind attack, you’ll need to run for your life.
Morgana’s Crossbowman unleashes a storm of arrows in a cone-like shape, dealing more damage than anyone would be willing to take.
Morgana’s Knight is keeping his dreadful mace smash, though he won’t be spamming it like a madman anymore. Being slower in general, players will be able to kite the Knight. However, this damage-sponge gets enraged if he’s not killed fast enough, giving him faster movement speed, attack speed and more resistance to CC.

There are three types of Disciples, each deadly in their own way. The Summoner calls upon demon imps to fight for her and be a general nuisance. The Infester curses a random player, creating a debuff AoE around the target. The cursed player won’t receive damage, but anyone who comes close will certainly feel pain! And last, but certainly not least, there is the Conjurer. Only appearing in dungeons, she creates heavy damage AoE zones over the course of the fight. These zones only disappear once the Bombardier is killed, making her a prime target for every group.'

What are you stand? let's stay tuned!

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